The BLADE Programs

Club Teams

These are year-round teams for all skill levels. Grades generally range from 3rd through 8th grade. Club teams compete in local leagues such as Sportsplex and PSA. In some cases, some teams compete in local AAU level tournaments. Visit the tryout page for more information.

Private Lessons

These are designed for players who want one-on-one time with Coach Greg to hone in on specific areas in their game. These include, but are not limited to ball-handling, shooting, advanced moves off the dribble, and on court agility and conditioning. Visit the private lesson page for more information.

Skills Development

These are weekly group skills sessions that last an hour. Players will learn moves with and without the ball.  They will work on shooting, ball-handling and other offensive skills under pressure.  They will learn defensive techniques and principles.  They will increase their basketball IQ beyond their age group.  THE PLAYERS THAT PRACTICE what they learn in this program will show remarkable and immediate improvement.  Their coaches, teammates and competition will take notice. Visit the skills page for more information.

Summer + Holiday Camps

Camps are a split between player development, competitive drills, and live game play. They range from 90 minutes to three hours. The best way to hear about summer and holiday camps as they become available would be to make sure you are on BLADE's email list. Visit the camp page for more information.