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frequently asked questions.

  • What Is The BLADE Philosophy?
    Individual player development is at the core of the BLADE program. Skills training is about the relentless pursuit of the complete basketball player. In the BLADE program, big men don’t get stuck on the low block. They become skilled perimeter defenders and face-the-basket scorers. Smaller players develop crucial post moves and rebounding fundamentals. Boys grow at different paces so it is important to prepare the player for every position on the court.
  • How Are BLADE Teams Structured?
    Teams are carefully divided and there are never more than 3 teams per grade level. Teams are formed and developed together as a unit. Wins and losses are not the primary focus and players are not shuffled from one level to the next within the season.
  • What Am I Going To Get Out Of BLADE As A Parent?
    Your fee to join BLADE covers first, an honest evaluation and assessment of your player as a developing talent and a valuable teammate. It is our job, and our passion, to develop your player no matter what his skill level. By operating strictly out of the East Dallas, Lakewood and Lake Highlands areas, BLADE allows you to spend less time driving to practices and games all over the D/FW Metroplex.
  • Is My Child Ready For BLADE
    ? If your child is willing to make basketball his number 1 extra-curricular activity, they are ready for BLADE. BLADE fuels a kid’s love of the game and turns that passion into a highly-skilled, sought-after basketball player. They may or may not be in the top 5% as far as size or athleticism, but enough time and commitment to the BLADE program transforms kids into players with a passion and ability to compete against their peers anywhere.
  • When Are Tryouts?
    We do not hold official tryouts. We have open registration for any child wanting to join. After our  registration is closed, we have evaluation practices where we assign kids to rosters based on their skill level. In rare cases, if we exceed our maximum capacity in any grade, we will host a tryout. Our goal as a program is to have a place for every kid that wants to play.
  • Do You Have To Be A Part Of A BLADE Team To Join Skills?
    No, both are independent. You can use BLADE skills training for extra enrichment wherever you play.
  • What Grade Does A Kid Have To Be To Join A Team?
    Most seasons BLADE teams range from 2nd – 8th grades, however we train players from ages 7-17.
  • What Is The Cost For Joining A Team?
    Spring, summer, fall = $525 – $625 per season depending on team size and season. Winter season cost = $950 – $1050. Uniform costs are separate ($120). Cost includes one practice per week and one game (8 total, 12 in winter)
  • Are Uniforms Included In That Cost?
    No, uniforms are separate. They are $120. You will just email us your top 3 choices of numbers and until your uniform is ready, we will loan you one.
  • How Many Kids Per Team?
    8-10 kids will be on each team to maximize playing time and to help make sure we have enough kids to play in case someone can’t make a game.
  • Do You Coach Teams For Girls Or Is This Program Just For Boys?
    We currently have girls teams for grades 4th – 6th and are actively looking to grow our reach for more girls teams
  • How Long Is A Season?
    Usually 8 games and 10 practices. (About 10 weeks) Winter season is about 14 weeks with 12 games.
  • Do You Break During The Summer?
    No, we are a year-round elite basketball team which competes during the summer, fall, winter and spring leagues. However there is no obligation to participate in every season once you've signed up for one. While we encourage year round gameplay, we understand priorities may differ.
  • If You Are On A Team In A Current Season, Are You Guaranteed A Spot For The Following If You Return?
    You have the option to renew for the next season at the conclusion of your current.
  • Can Parents Watch Practices?
    Yes, from the foyer area.
  • How Do I Join The Distribution List? Is it Important?
    YES! Our newsletter is the #1 way to stay updated on on all Blade news all year long. Register both yourself and your child for pertinent info like practice time changes, new opportunities to join skills training, and more.
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